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Available Agencies

We have the ability to print our own in-house decals, or outsource to other decal makers if we are unable to. In-house decals are included in the price of the model, while outsourced decals can add between $5-$20 to the cost (depending on the agency and work involved). For new agencies, please send us a message so we can let you know the best course of action and additional costs to have these decals made for your project!

We specialize in Florida police agencies, but can cater to any new agency request in most cases. In-house decals are noted with IH, while outsourced are noted with OS. See the below list (last updated 7/11/2021


Alachua Sheriff's Office - Explorer (OS)

Bradenton Police Department NEW/OLD - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

Bradford Sheriff's Office - Charger/Explorer/F150 (OS)

Brevard Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic (OS)

Broward Sheriff's Office - Diplomat/Explorer (OS)

Charlotte Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Citrus Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Citrus Sheriff's Office Public Service Officer - Taurus (OS)

Clay Sheriff's Office NEW - Explorer (OS)

Clay Sheriff's Office OLD - Charger/Explorer (OS)

Collier Sheriff's Office - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Dade City Police Department - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

Flagler Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic (OS)

Florida Department of Transportation (MCCO) - Crown Vic (OS)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - F150/Explorer/Crown Vic/Tahoe (IH)

Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission - Plymouth Fury (OS)

Florida Highway Patrol - Charger/Crown Vic/Diplomat/Explorer/F150/Tahoe (OS)

Florida Polytechnic University Police Department - Charger/Explorer (OS)

Fort Myers Police Department - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer (IH)

Fruitland Park Police Department - Explorer (OS)

Groveland Police Department - Explorer (OS)

Gulfport Police Department - Charger (OS)

Hamilton Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic (OS)

Hernando Sheriff's Office NEW - Explorer/Taurus (IH)

Hernando Sheriff's Office OLD - Crown Vic (COMING SOON)

Hillsborough Sheriff's Office OLD - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer (OS)

Hillsborough Sheriff's Office NEW - Charger/Explorer (OS)

Holmes Beach Police Department - Explorer/F150 (IH)

Hollywood Police Department - Crown Vic (OS)

Indian River Sheriff's Office - Explorer/Tahoe (OS)

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Jupiter Police Department - Crown Vic (OS)

Kenneth City Police Department - COMING SOON

Key West Police Department - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Kissimmee Police Department - Explorer (IH)

Largo Police Department - COMING SOON

Lake Sheriff's Office NEW - Explorer (OS)

Lee Sheriff's Office - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Leon Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic/F150/Taurus (OS)

Manatee Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic (IH)

Martin Sheriff's Office - Explorer/Tahoe (OS)

Miami Beach Police Department - Explorer (OS)

Miami Police Department - Charger/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Miami Gardens Police Department - Crown Vic (OS)

Miami-Dade Police Department - Charger/Crown Vic/Taurus (OS)

Monroe Sheriff's Office - Charger (OS)

Nassau Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic (OS)

New Port Richey Police Department - Charger/F150/Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

New Smyrna Beach Police Department - Explorer (OS)

North Port Police Department - Explorer (OS)

Okeechobee Sheriff's Office NEW - Charger (IH)

Orlando Police Department NEW - Explorer (OS)

Orlando Police Department OLD - Charger (OS)

Orange Sheriff's Office NEW - F150 (IH)

Orange Sheriff's Office OLD - Explorer (OS)

Ormond Beach Police Department - Charger (IH)

Osceola Sheriff's Office - Explorer (OS)

Palm Beach Gardens Police Department - Crown Vic (OS)

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office - Crown Vic/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Pasco County Fire Rescue - Explorer/Taurus (IH)

Pasco Sheriff's Office NEW - Explorer/F150/Tahoe/Taurus (IH)

Pasco Sheriff's Office OLD - Crown Vic (OS)

Pinellas Park Police Department - COMING SOON

Polk Sheriff's Office - Charger/Explorer (OS)

Port Richey Police Department - Charger/Explorer (IH)

Port Richey Police Department (OLD) - Charger (OS)

Pinellas Sheriff's Office - Tahoe (IH)

Saint Petersburg Police Department - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Seminole Sheriff's Office - Explorer (OS)

South Miami Police Department - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

St. Johns Sheriff's Office - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Sumter Sheriff's Office NEW - Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

Sumter Sheriff's Office OLD - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

Tampa Police Department NEW - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer (IH)

Tampa Police Department OLD - Crown Vic (IH)

Temple Terrace Police Department - Explorer/Tahoe (IH)

University of Central Florida Police Department - Explorer (OS)

University of Florida Police Department - Explorer/Tahoe (OS)

University of South Florida Police Department OLD - Crown Vic (IH)

University of South Florida Police Department NEW - Charger/Tahoe (IH)

Vero Beach Police Department - Charger (OS)

Volusia Sheriff's Office - Explorer (OS)

West Melbourne Police Department - Explorer (OS)

Zephyrhills Police Department - Charger/Explorer (IH)

- Out of State - 

Alabama State Police - Charger/Crown Vic (OS)

Alaska State Troopers - Explorer (OS)

Boston Police Department, MA - Explorer (OS)

California Highway Patrol CVE, CA - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/F150 (OS)

Chicago Police Department (NEW) - Explorer (OS)

Chicago Police Department (NEW PRIDE) - Explorer (OS)

Chicago Police Department OLD - Explorer (OS)

Cook Sheriff's Office, IL - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Detroit Police Department, MI - Charger/Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Detroit Police Department, MI (GHOST) - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/F150/Tahoe (OS)

FBI Uniformed Police - Explorer (OS)

Forsyth Sheriff's Office, NC - Charger (OS)

Georgia State Patrol, GA - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe (OS)

Hazzard Co - Plymouth Fury (OS)

Henderson Police Department, KY - Charger/Explorer (OS)

Honolulu Police Department, HI - Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe/Taurus (OS)

Illinois State Police (1:43 scale Explorer)

Indiana Sheriff, IN - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/F150/Tahoe/Taurus (OS)

Indiana State Police, IN - Charger/Crown Vic (OS)

Klein Independent School District, TX - Explorer (IH)

Maui Police Department, HI - Explorer/Tahoe (OS)

McDowell Sheriff's Office, TN - F150 (OS)

Memphis Police Department, TN - Charger (OS)

Mobile Police Department, AL - Explorer (OS)

New Jersey State Police - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/F150/Tahoe/Taurus (OS)

New York Hospital Police, NY - Explorer (OS)

New York/New Jersey Port Authority - Explorer (OS)

Orange County Sheriff's Office, NC (Community Patrol) - Charger (OS)

Ottawa County Sheriff, CN - Explorer (OS)

Puerto Rico Policia Estatal - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe/Taurus (OS)

Sacramento Sheriff's Office, CA - Crown Vic/Explorer (OS)

Tewksbury Twp Police, NJ - Tahoe (IH)

Union County Sheriff's Office, NJ - Tahoe (OS)

US Army Police MP - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

US Capitol Police - Crown Vic/Explorer

US Customs & Border Protection - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/F150/Tahoe (OS)

US Dept of Veteran's Affairs - Charger (OS)

US Military Police - Charger/Explorer/F150/Taurus (OS)

US Park Ranger Law Enforcement - Explorer (OS)

US Secret Service Uniformed Bureau - Charger/Crown Vic/Explorer/Tahoe/Taurus (OS)

Washington DC Metro Police, DC - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Will Sheriff's Office, IL - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Winston-Salem Police Department, NC NEW - Charger (IH)

Winston-Salem Police Department, NC OLD - Crown Vic (IH)

WGEMA Police Department, WI - Tahoe (IH)

Yonkers Police Department, NY (NEW) - Explorer/Taurus (OS)

Yonkers Police Department, NY (OLD) - Crown Vic (OS)

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