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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

While uncommon, it is possible that USPS (our primary shipping avenue) will have a shipping delay or a package will get incorrectly routed. Their website is usually very accurate as far as tracking goes.  In any event, we have had excellent experiences with their customer service in the past, and it is very rare if we ever have issues. The best course of action is to take your tracking number that was emailed to you to your local post office (much easier than calling the main USPS line in our experience) and inquire as to what is going on. Once it leaves us, we have no control over it, which is why we recommend shipping insurance (and include it for orders over $100. If your order arrives damaged (again, extremely rare), reach out to us as well as your local post office so we can rectify the situation.

My model with working lights/sirens arrived, but how do I operate it?

A majority of our builds are the same, however there can be variations depending on the lighting/siren setup you chose. Look on the bottom of the model toward the rear of the vehicle. You should see some silver buttons (or black if we forgot to paint them!). There is normally a larger button that controls the master power and either one or more smaller buttons for control of the light bar patterns, wig-wag features, or siren tones. Be sure that when not in use, you remove the battery and turn the master power switch off to help prevent accidental damage to the wiring. It is recommended that you do not keep the lights running for an extended period of time as the circuit boards do get warm and over time can soften the glue holding them in place.

Why was the push bumper/antennas/other accessory removed prior to shipping?

We often times will remove a push bumper, antenna, or other accessory prior to shipping. This is to make sure that the items do not become damaged during shipping (we package our items as if they are our own). Some of our models do not include an inner display box, and in order for everything to arrive without being broken, they must be removed. In order to reattach items we recommend Gorilla Glue Clear Grip (available at your local hobby shop (support a small business!) or Walmart/Hobby Lobby, etc. Simply place a small dab where the item mounts to the vehicle, let the glue set up for about 30-90 seconds and reattach your item. It is best to let the model sit for a few hours before moving to assure the items remain attached and do not come off or move around. As always, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

Why are my lights/sirens not functioning properly?
It is very important that you are using a FRESH, name brand 9V battery. Used and off-brand batteries tend not to put out the required 9V these lights require. The lights have built in diagnostics, so a steady red/orange or other odd pattern is normally caused by a weak battery.

Feel free to ask us questions so we can add more to this page. Seriously, these three are asked 90% of the time. We hope this page was helpful!



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