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We are a small, part-time family run operation that takes pride in our product line. While we are focused mainly on Florida law enforcement agencies, we are also available to create models for other agencies.


We started making custom diecast police cars back in 2008 for friends and family. Due to an increase in the popularity of the hobby and requests from others, we decided to begin making small batches of custom vehicles. At the present time, we offer all current available vehicles listed in our available vehicles section of the site.


We currently offer vehicles in 1:24 scale (and 1:43 scale as Christmas ornaments in a limited run each year) due to availability and detail. We mainly work with Welly and Motormax blank vehicles as a basis for our models. We have both in-house and outsourced agency decal sets (based on market availability). Check out some of our customer testimonials below, and be sure to add your own after receiving your model!


Reference the 2024 Production Slowdown:


Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our small business. For 2024 we are going to be operating on a reduced build schedule of one project per week. This will also allow us time to focus on completing more of our most popular builds (mainly Florida agencies...go figure) for the web store that will be readily-available for purchase.

Throughout the 2023 holiday season we received a VERY large number of website request form submissions, and at the time were not taking on requests due to holiday orders. We started to go back through those requests and have since filled the build calendar up through June of 2024.


As such, we cannot take on any new build requests until we can work through this current project queue. We hope to process some more of the pending requests in May, and will begin taking on new build requests after.

There are a few options available still if you are in need of a vehicle, and as time allows we will still be taking requests for the following on a LIMITED basis:

1. Previous non-lit models that do not require paintwork. (e.g. you see something in our feed you would like replicated)

2. Models listed for sale in the webstore that you need custom text decals added to (e.g. roof number, years of service, name, badge number, etc).

As always, monitor the website for the most up-to-date available inventory, and if something you like shows "out of stock", submit the "back in stock notification" on the item page to receive an email when that particular item is restocked (they rarely last long, so be quick!)

Thanks everyone for your continued support and sharing our website and social media accounts with your family, friends, and colleagues!

- The Scale Cruisers Crew

P.S. Don't forget to share the QR code on our poker chips and business cards that we send out with every order!

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Matt S, NJ

"I bought a Ford Explorer model straight off eBay a few years ago that had our agency’s markings. When I put your F150 next to it, there’s no comparison in the world. Your attention to detail is impressive and the skill level is apparent. Thanks for a great product that will be proudly displayed."

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